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"Greg walked me through the BOSS methodologies he had in place. In over 20 years as a private equity banker and a member of multiple boards, I have seen both sides of process and the lack thereof. I must say, I was impressed."

   -  Stephen Davis, Banneker Partners

"After a two-day training, we implemented the BOSS processes within our campaign organization. The results proved to be astounding; virtually every part of the campaign was transformed into a more efficient, connected team."

- Ammar Campa, Congressional Candidate

What is boss?

BOSS (Business Operating Support System) is a proprietary methodology and framework developed by Greg Shepard. It is designed to align key functional areas within a business while strategically advancing companies through each stage of the Startup Maturity Lifecycle to an eventual exit in 24-36 months.

BOSS has been developed over the last 20 years through Greg's personal experiences as an entrepreneur and investor. The (Kaizen or Agile) foundation of BOSS allows for continuous adaptation of new principles and best practices, helping BOSS to broaden its appeal across multiple industries and disciplines. 

Over the last 20 years Greg has implemented BOSS across dozens of industries as an entrepreneur and investor, and even shared the concepts with the NAVY Seals. All of these experiences have resulted in feedback that has been adapted into the foundation of the BOSS methodology.

What Makes BOSS Unique?

“Begin with the end in mind means to begin each day, task, or project with a clear vision of your desired direction and destination, and then continue by flexing your proactive muscles to make things happen.” – Stephan Covey. This is the concept behind the BOSS methodologies' Ideal Buyer Profile (IBP) phase. 


By beginning with the end in mind, i.e. determining who your ideal buyers are before you build the company, you gain a strategic advantage that drastically reduces the time to exit. Not only does this ensure you have the right mission, vision, and key objectives to build the company around, it also aligns your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) with your eventual buyers ICP, ultimately making your company extremely attractive to potential buyers. By aligning your IBP with your business roadmap, you will burn less cash while achieving your growth milestones, resulting in less dilution for you and your team. The BOSS methodology and framework perfectly blends strategy and execution giving you specific steps from Day 1 to achieve your growth targets and key objectives.

Who is boss for?

BOSS has been leveraged by startups and mature companies alike for over 20 years leading to multiple exits and the creation of hundreds of millions of dollars in value for stakeholders.  The principles of BOSS are universal to business management. Whether your company is an early stage startup or a mature company looking to cleanup and turnaround a business, BOSS is for you. In fact, BOSS looks historically to many management and product development methodologies, including Lean, Agile, 4DX, OKR, Scrum, Six Sigma, OGSM and Kaizen, which are combined with many of Greg’s own methodologies to develop a structured model to create a scalable agile change organization.

How to use boss

All strategy and no execution and your business will fail to launch. All execution and no strategy will lead to a lack of growth and ability to scale. This is why BOSS is more than just a strategic methodology. The BOSS framework is a strategic playbook that teaches entrepreneurs how to scale a business through a step-by-step guided process that covers every aspect of functional alignment, growth and scale. It articulates how BOSS works with 3 specific areas of the business, (acquire/growth, retention/keep and manage/operations) and how it can be implemented to create the scalable agile business model required for enterprises to survive and thrive in today’s market. BOSS is supported by real-world examples, and can be customized to any company's needs. BOSS can facilitate all 5 common market strategies: ideation, MVP/validation, growth, scale and exit, and provides the foundation for running any department or company successfully. 



See an overview of BOSS (Business Operating Support System) in a presentation style format.

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