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“Through altruistic capitalism - wealth is successfully supplied to entrepreneurs, equipping them with the tools to create a flourishing startup ecosystem, increase local marketplace activity and improve the world”

   -  Greg Shepard

About Greg

Altruistic Capitalism

Gregory Shepard has built and sold 12 businesses in BioTech, TransitTech, AdTech and MarTech. He is a Forbes Book Author and contributor and has been featured or quoted in publications like Fortune, Entrepreneur, The New York Observer, The DEAL and Thrive Global. A recipient of four private equity awards for transactions between $250M to $1B, Greg has appeared on TV, Radio, and popular Podcasts. Greg has also been a TEDX and Keynote speaker at multiple universities and conferences worldwide.

Greg is the creator of BOSS (Business Operating Support System), an open source business operating system based on his 20+ years of entrepreneurial and investor experience. BOSS was developed to empower entrepreneurs and increase the overall startup success rate.  

He is also a founding partner at BOSS Capital Partners, a global investment syndicate that focuses on series seed technology businesses that prefer operational expertise and guidance to achieve capital-efficient and rewarding outcomes. The most recent success is Delerrok which was acquired by Cubic Transportation for $48M in just under 3 years of initial investment as a result of implementing the BOSS Methodology and Framework.

Greg’s success story of overcoming obstacles is what drives him to support entrepreneurs around the world. From growing up with very little to a visional processing disorder and dyslexia, Greg continues to be one of the most recognizable examples of how fearless optimism and steadfast determination can guide any intelligent and determined young professional toward success.





"It is not very unreasonable that the rich should contribute to the public expense, not only in proportion to their revenue, but something more than in that proportion"

- Adam Smith, Father of Modern Economics, Father of Capitalism

Growing up with very little along with foster and adopted siblings sparked Greg's drive to altruistically give back. Greg coined the term ‘Altruistic Capitalism, a concept that empowers entrepreneurs to obtain wealth, allowing them to altruistically give back catapulting the entrepreneur ecosystem and providing much needed capital to causes beneficial to the planet and all who inhabit it around the world. According to Crunchbase data, the average startup exit is over 200 million dollars, imagine that capital being injected into the hands of fearlessly ambitious, creative and passionate young entrepreneurs looking to spark positive change. Using global tech innovation as a vehicle for change using wealth distribution to entrepreneurs, supplying them with the tools to create a flourishing startup ecosystem, increase local capital marketplace activity and improve the world. Through the lens of Altruistic Capitalism, we begin to view startup acquisitions as more than just business transactions... but as a creative way to ‘spread the wealth.’

“The average startup exit is over 200 million dollars, imagine what that can do for positive change."

- Crunchbase


"Crunchbase data, as noted in an Inc article, shows that "the average successful startup has raised $41 million in venture capital and exited for $242.9 million since 2007." We need to start rethinking the power of this capital. Imagine that cash being injected into the hands of ambitious, young entrepreneurs looking to spark positive change — individuals who, at their core, embrace the value of giving back."

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