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“Through altruistic capitalism - wealth is successfully supplied to entrepreneurs, equipping them with the tools to create a flourishing startup ecosystem, increase local marketplace activity and improve the world”

   -  Greg Shepard

About Greg

Gregory Shepard has built and sold 12 businesses in BioTech, TransitTech, AdTech and MarTech. He is a Forbes Book Author and contributor and has been featured or quoted in publications like Fortune, Entrepreneur, The New York Observer, The DEAL and Thrive Global. A recipient of four private equity awards for transactions between $250M to $1B, Greg has appeared on TV, Radio, and over 100 popular Podcasts. Greg has also been a TEDX and Keynote speaker at multiple universities and conferences worldwide.

Entrepreneur: Greg is a 20 year startup veteran and serial entrepreneur with 14 liquidity events under his belt in BioTech, TransitTech, AdTech and MarTech industries, two of which were sold as part of a $925M transaction that won 4 private equity awards for transactions between $250M-$1B.

Author: Greg is a ForbesBooks author and has written over 100 articles published in 25 national and international publications such as Fortune, Entrepreneur, and US News & World Report at a pace of approximately one article each month.


Investor: Greg is the founder of BOSS Capital Partners, a global syndicate for investing in early stage technical startups worldwide with a 100% track record.

Thought Leader: Greg is the creator of BOSS (Business Operating Support System) an open source methodology developed to empower entrepreneurs while increasing startup success rate, and founded the BOSS Startup Science academy.

Speaker: Greg is a TEDX speaker and keynote speaker at universities including National Defense University, University of San Diego, University of San Marcos, Columbia University, University of Berkley and over 100 accelerators, membership organizations, and conferences worldwide. 

Media: Greg is a Forbes Radio Host and has been featured as a guest on over 100 popular podcasts including those of best selling authors Oren Klaff, Ken Blanchard, David Allen, and David Covey as well as numerous network TV and radio show.

Greg Shepard is the co-founder and CEO at BOSS Capital Partners. Previously, Greg held the position of Chief Strategy Officer, while working at eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions (formerly e-Dialog), CTO, Chief Strategy Officer at Pepperjam. Founder and CEO, at AdAssured and AffiliateTraction. 

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"It is not very unreasonable that the rich should contribute to the public expense, not only in proportion to their revenue, but something more than in that proportion"

- Adam Smith, Father of Modern Economics, Father of Capitalism

“The average startup exit is over 200 million dollars, imagine what that can do for positive change."

- Crunchbase



"Crunchbase data, as noted in an Inc article, shows that "the average successful startup has raised $41 million in venture capital and exited for $242.9 million since 2007." We need to start rethinking the power of this capital. Imagine that cash being injected into the hands of ambitious, young entrepreneurs looking to spark positive change — individuals who, at their core, embrace the value of giving back."