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“We’re I still in command of a ship, I would make it recommended reading for leaders at every level.


Captain Scott Tait
USN (Ret), CEO, Pacific Science & Engineering
Executive Director UC San Diego National Security Innovation Catalyst

“This is a true treasure trove of business secrets.”


Ammar Campa
Congressional Candidate

“Essential reading for rapid growth phase companies.”


Tomas Olsson
Director, Prosperity Capital Management
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A message from Greg shepard

Over 95% of start-ups fail. We’ve all heard the depressing stats around the probability of entrepreneurs successfully starting and exiting a business. Hey, if it was easy everyone would do it, right? 


Over the last 20 years I have successfully started 12 companies and exited each one within 24-36 months. You’re probably shaking your head and calling BS, "Nobody bats 100%. I mean there is so much that is outside of your control; surely one has failed!” I am not telling you this to brag but instead to call out those who not only anticipate failure but actually will it into existence by believing they have to fail at least once to join the entrepreneurs' club. 


Meet the BOSS – The Agile Playbook for Startups is a tried-and-tested methodology and playbook for taking a company through each stage of the Startup Maturity Lifecycle to every entrepreneur's dream, a successful exit. In this book, I cover each stage in detail and combine real stories and experiences with a practical playbook to start executing today. Whether you are just starting your company or turning around an existing company this book is for you.


Meet the Boss is not a trendy gimmick of regurgitated theories and frameworks. It is based on real-world experiences from companies at each stage of the Startup Maturity Lifecycle. With step-by-step instructions you and your team can use this book as the cornerstone of your strategy. Starting from the “Northstar” chapter, guiding you through step 1, day 1 of starting your business to the “Kaizen” chapter that prepares you for aligned standardization ahead of an exit, the methodology presented in this book will ensure you are building a quality company to grow and scale first so you can exit successfully.

I have introduced BOSS to entrepreneurs, investors, incubators and accelerators, all of whom run their companies on BOSS. Speaking at major universities and conferences, combined with appearances on TV and radio has solidified the BOSS methodology and its many practical applications. My Podcast and ongoing education into what makes startups win and fail works towards my overarching  goal to empower entrepreneurs to obtain the wealth that allows them to give back through a revolutionary idea I have adopted called, “Altruistic Capitalism."