of employees said they have a hard time finding or accessing information needed to do their job effectively.


of those respondents said they spent nearly 6 hours A WEEK reinventing the wheel only to later find a solution already existed.


You’re probably thinking to yourself, why do I need standardization? Or maybe even, what do you mean by standardization? Growing your business sustainably is simply impossible without putting in place well-documented standard procedures. These standards become the foundation of your company and allow you to onboard, train and educate your company on how to run the business.

Standardization allows you to grow and scale

During the Standardization Phase of BOSS, you’ll create a knowledge base that is a central location to store Best Practices, Triggers, and Accountabilities to define your business processes and how they are accomplished. This will serve as a training and education resource for your current and future employees, capturing tribal knowledge and setting a path for succession planning.