A framework for surviving COVID-19 and other crises

By BOSS Capital Partners®

Access our Crisis Management Toolkit plus webcasts, articles and other resources for How Entrepreneurs and Startups should react to COVID-19 and other major operational and financial disruptions.


WHAT IS THe BOSS Methodology?

BOSS is a proven system that is intended primarily to help entrepreneurs get from zero to exit, but it is relevant and useful to established businesses as well…particularly in times of crisis where the post-crisis market may be different from the pre-crisis market.


A period of intense disruption and change that puts a company’s survival at stake.  Every crisis brings both risk and opportunity.

What is different for BOSS during a Crisis? 

We emphasize speed over thoroughness.  The essential process is the same, with a focus on surviving the crisis, seizing new opportunities it may present, and identifying what the post-crisis market will look like (which will require permanent change).

Most ImportantLY

BOSS helps you manage (Validate your vision; update your strategy; adjust your execution plans; monitor progress; repeat).  In times of crisis, the most important function in running a company is to lead (Maintain your core values; communicate changes to strategy and plans; encourage and reassure people in the face of hardship and uncertainty; empower people to take bold action; make hard decisions in a timely manner; decide when and how to exit crisis mode).  You will have to lead your team, and to a great degree your customers and supply chain as well.


A Message from Greg Shepard

"With the global outbreak of the coronavirus, many entrepreneurs and startups are collectively holding their breath, waiting for a positive outcome. Before I jump in, it is important to note that I am not a health expert and have no insights on when this pandemic will end. What I do have is over 30 years of business experience as an entrepreneur and investor. During that time, I managed to survive everything from terrorist attacks, recessions and even virus outbreaks without losing my business or experiencing revenue declines.

After learning from these experiences, I now follow a Crisis Management process that ensures my businesses thrive during these times of uncertainty."

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