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90% of Startups Fail

"There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they're falling in."
- Desmond Tutu







Did you Know?

9 of 10 founders cannot adequately defend their strategic 

vision when questioned by potential investors?


Visionaries is your opportunity to stand out and win the investment!

Early-stage startup founders are the special forces of the business world, no other business professional experiences that level of intensity. I've done my best to find the balance between the ART (Vision) and the SCIENCE (Execution), however, you’ll be the judge of whether I nailed it or not.

The Academy

Success is the result of good decision-making. Clarity of where you are, where you’re going, and what actions to take next is essential. Learn to build and document your strategic vision through an educational canvas.


With Visionaries, you’ll be able to:

  • Learn at your own pace.

  • Defend your market sizing, ideal customer profiles, and validation.

  • Learn the startup lifecycle and validation from vision to exit.

  • Design your success while avoiding the most common mistakes early-stage founders make.

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2023-05-15 at 08.02.10.png

The Profile

As you complete short courses, you’re also completing a comprehensive founder profile, enabling you to see all the pieces of your strategy.


The Profile Allows you to:

  • Share your profile with interested investors through a simple link

  • Quickly give investors what they want and keep their attention

  • Add your pitch deck and videos to your profile, resulting in more meetings with investors

Visionaries Tools

Do you want that $100,000 credit for AWS? How about 20% off Notion? Visionaries includes access to all the software discounts you need to create runway for your startup.


Tools & Data Include:

  • Startup Incentives - Millions in Incentives
  • InvestorMatch - 50K+ Investors Matched
  • Grant Finder/Writer - Find, Draft, Apply Globally
  • Pitch Finder - Thousands of Pitch Events
  • University Innovation Entrepreneur Program Discovery
  • Innovation Entrepreneur Immigration Visa Program Discovery
  • Associations & Membership Organization Program Discovery
  • EcosystemBuilder - Uncover, acquirers, competitors, partners
  • MarketSizer - Automated TAM, SAM, SOM
  • ValuatorPlus - Automated Standard Valuation 
  • CrowdfundingFinder
  • AcceleratorMatch
  • ValuationDiscovery 
  • AcceleratorDiscovery
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Learn Why Most Startups Fail And Start On The Path To Success

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