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Building a successful startup doesn’t have to be so hard. 

Visionaries is a fully interactive platform that equips founders with everything they need to succeed.

If you’ve ever had one of these moments…

  • Wasting time and money on the wrong things. 

  • Missing out on opportunities such as investors. 

  • Feeling totally overwhelmed and experiencing Imposter Syndrome.

  • Lacking clarity and direction. 

  • Frustration from all the bad and confusing advice out there. 

  • Fear of losing everything because you didn’t have the right strategy.

“I came in thinking I already knew this stuff. But I came out with my mind blown; there is actually a structure to startup building.”
- Maddie Wang, Founder of Founder’s Cafe

Visionaries is here to help!

We studied 1200 founders and uncovered the reasons why, how, and when 90% of startups fail. We learned that founders keep making the same mistakes that led to failure, no matter how brilliant or talented they were or how innovative their ideas were.

With the right help and knowledge, these mistakes can be avoided. There may be a hundred other start-ups similar to yours in your industry, but with this knowledge, you’ll be the one to attract investors, customers, and clients.

Introducing Visionaries and
the BOSS Framework

Building a successful start-up is systematic. The BOSS Framework is an operating system that will drastically improve your ability to navigate the business lifecycle and build your startup toward a successful exit. 


It’s the difference between being one of the start-ups that flounder and fail, to confidently growing a business to a successful exit.

KC Chaudhuri

Founder of Pitch Global

"We recommend every entrepreneur, however experienced or qualified, to go through the system and make their foundation rock solid."

Hanne Nuutinen
Global Business Influencer

"BOSS has created influential programs that truly reveal the essential steps for startup founders and new business leaders to proceed with the right actions in the right order."


Founder & Tech Stars Alumni

"I'm prioritizing this because of the value."

Inside Visionaries you’ll learn...

At last, a no-nonsense, practical, proven approach designed to help early-stage start-ups grow with confidence. 


Visionaries Academy offers over 25 FREE on-demand courses
covering topics like:
  • Understanding the startup lifecycle

  • Learning your SAM, SOM, + TAM with tools to automatically calculate your own

  • Creating your market personas

  • Developing your pitch deck (and sharing it directly with target investors within the platform)

  • Many more

But that’s not all!
With Visionaries you also get:

Our Founder Profile feature allows you to showcase your company information, create and upload your pitch deck, include introduction videos, show the Visionaries Academy courses you've completed, and easily share your profile with interested, matched investors within the ecosystem.

Match with Investors

Visionaries offers custom-built tools that equip you with all the information you need to navigate your startup journey.

Success Tools


Our built-in tools make it easier than ever to raise the capital you need to succeed.​

Funding Resources

Incentives and

Do you want that $100,000 credit for AWS? How about 20% off Notion? Visionaries includes access to all the software discounts you need to create runway for your startup.

Approach your startup with confidence and build a rock-solid foundation for your business. 

Who's behind Visionaries?

Hi, I'm Gregory Shepard

Not to toot my own horn too loudly, but I know a few things about startups. Having built and sold 12 businesses in BioTech, TransitTech, AdTech and MarTech, I currently co-lead BOSS Capital Partners, a global investment syndicate that focuses on series seed technology businesses that prefer operational expertise and guidance to achieve rewarding, capital-efficient outcomes.

Humble beginnings molded by struggles with neurodivergence and poverty haven’t stopped me from becoming the successful entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist I am today. Overcoming the obstacles I have is what drives me to support young entrepreneurs looking to spark positive change in the world around them. I truly believe that fearless optimism and steadfast determination can guide any intelligent and determined young professional toward success and I’m passionate about helping them make that happen.


Remember why you started this journey in the first place

You wanted to build your startup because you had an innovative idea and dreamed of making it real. You didn’t dream of working 70-hour weeks, or feeling exhausted and unsure, lost and confused.


Visionaries is designed to give you the tools, frameworks, and knowledge you need to build the business you imagine and remember why you love being an entrepreneur.

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