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Startup Science: The Startup Lifecycle  


The unfortunate reality for startups is that failure is more common than success, and every founder must weigh the risks of their livelihood with the slight possibility of striking gold in a successful exit.

You shouldn’t ask yourself, “How do I become the one in a million to defeat the odds?”

No, our question needs to be...


“How do we fix the failure rate so everyone has a real, even likely chance at success?”

Aside from my journey of going from below the poverty line to 12 successful exits, I’ve conducted years of research and over 1,200 1:1 interviews with people ranging from wildly successful serial entrepreneurs and investors to Navy SEALs who specialize in grit and perseverance through grueling challenges.

Through this insight, I’ve created a system for startup success
and a program to guide founders through it—

the Startup Science Lifecycle and Business Operating Support System (BOSS).

Startup Science is everything you need to take your startup from idea to exit.

You’ll be able to:

  • Define valuation drivers

  • Build your Ideal Customer and Acquirer Profiles

  • Create and present your vision for validation

  • Develop your product

  • Define go-to-market strategies

  • Identify KPIs and find alignment

  • And so much more!


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