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Inspiring Entrepreneurs on a Global Stage

From TEDx to crowds of thousands, I’ve had the honor of speaking on some of the most iconic stages in the world and online with publications like Fortune, Entrepreneur, The New York Observer, The DEAL, and Thrive Global.

Learn What it Takes to Succeed

From growing up with very little to navigating a world not built for those with neurodivergencies, Greg continues to be one of the most recognizable examples of how fearless optimism and steadfast determination can guide any intelligent and determined young professional toward success. Now, he’s created a platform for founders, investors, accelerators, and anyone else passionate about the future of innovation to achieve their goals and increase the startup success rate. Anyone can find success, no matter where they started in life.

Learn What it Takes to Succeed

Gregory’s speaking and media experience includes:

  • A TEDx and keynote speaker at universities including National Defense University, University of San Diego, University of San Marcos, Columbia University, University of Berkley, and over 100 accelerators, membership organizations, and conferences worldwide.

  • The Forbes Radio ‘Meet The BOSS’ podcast host a Forbes Radio host and guest features on over 100 popular podcasts, including those of best-selling authors Oren Klaff, Ken Blanchard, David Allen, and David Covey, as well as numerous network TV and radio shows.

  • A ForbesBooks and Ben Bella author with over 100 articles published in 25 national and international publications such as Fortune, Entrepreneur, and US News & World Report at a pace of approximately one article each month.

Sharing What I Am Most Passionate About

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Gregory Shepard managed his way through autism, dyslexia, processing disorders and crisis after crisis since his impoverished childhood. He's identified four key steps to help you to thrive despite seemingly overwhelming challenges. Greg used fearless optimism and steadfast determination to become a successful Author, Speaker, and Angel Venture Capital Investor. Using Silicon Valley’s deal-making culture as a vehicle, he works now to spread “Altruistic Capitalism”. Greg leads an effort to use startup deal-making to inject capital into the hands of fearlessly ambitious, creative and passionate young entrepreneurs looking to spark positive change. The talk is followed by snippets from a moderated conversation with the audience.

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