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I call myself an Altruistic Capitalist.

Growing up with very little alongside my foster and adopted siblings was a huge influence on my drive to give back and coin the term "Altruistic Capitalism". "Altruistic Capitalism" is a concept that empowers business people to obtain wealth, allowing them to altruistically give back to their communities by becoming a driving force in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and providing much-needed capital to causes beneficial to the planet and all who inhabit it. According to Crunchbase data, the average startup exit is over 200 million dollars! Imagine that capital being injected into the hands of fearlessly ambitious, creative, and passionate young entrepreneurs looking to spark positive change for a better tomorrow. Through the lens of “Altruistic Capitalism”, we begin to view startup acquisitions as more than just business transactions... but as a creative way to ‘spread the wealth.’ Read more about "Altruistic Capitalism" on Forbes.


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