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Success Through Synergy

In 12 months Greg has transformed Xcential from a services-oriented company to a growth-ready SaaS company.

Grant Vergottini, Founder & CEO, Xcential

My Investments


Since 2002 Xcential is on a mission to drive modernization, efficiency and transparency in how governments make laws, policies and regulations. At the core of these innovations is Xcential’s LegisPro, a powerful, state-of-the art, web-enabled software platform for legislative and regulatory drafting. 


Delvify’s natively built SMART suite of visual AI solutions deliver better and more personalised customer experiences for eCommerce. The SMART suite uses state-of-the-art AI computer vision and natural language processing configured to deliver recommendations to users.  The SMART suite set drives increased customer satisfaction, better cross-selling and up-selling and higher overall customer retention.


Biosolutions transforms and disrupts the global wastewater and water treatment industry through innovative technology that delivers clean water to a growing world population resulting in economic and environmental efficiency gains.


Over 70% of transit agencies in North America are still dependent on cash and paper-based fare products. Every public transit agency understands the benefits of electronic fare collection: replacing cash and paper with smart cards and mobile apps moves fare product sales from the ticket window to the Internet, increasing passenger convenience and giving agencies actionable data. But historically their high price tags, complexity and multi-year schedules meant that only the largest agencies could afford these systems. The World’s Most Advanced Electronic Fare Collection System by Delerrok is available to all agencies regardless of size or budget.


Founded in 2016 and currently located in Prosper, Texas, Amarki is a Software as a Service (SaaS) technology company that provides a marketing automation and workflow platform for the real estate industry. Amarki was accepted as a member of the National Association for Realtor’s REACH technology accelerator class of 2019 and has experienced rapid growth and promotion as a result of this endorsement. The Amarki real estate marketing automation platform combines dozens of previously independent systems alongside industry best practices to reduce the time that real estate professionals spend on property marketing.


Equity acquired by Blue Square Group a UK based retail marketing, digital engagement and winner of four prestigious awards in 2021. Intelligent Interfaces uses machine learning to fuel the ultimate retail customer support platform. Their AI technology asks customers questions, listens to their needs, and ultimately provides guidance on the perfect product for them, across multiple industries. Intelligent Interfaces technology is non intrusive, it only helps customers that are seeking help. With a 90% successful customer journey rate, Intelligent Interfaces knows the right questions, and the right answers, to increase not only customer satisfaction, but revenue as well. Customers are provided with their exact product need, relieving stress and uncertainty, leading to the higher likelihood of a sale. 

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