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We went from a $3.8MM to $40MM exit in less than two years. Enough said.
- Bob Hamilton, CEO, Delerrok


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Gregory has a verifiable track record in everything from politics to military engagements and from early- stage startups to enterprise business. Managing “clean-up” operations and turning around struggling companies. 


I’ve had the honor of contributing to congressional candidate chairman, military wargame moderator. My experience spans early- stage startups, enterprise businesses, rollups, cleanups, turnarounds. I have built and exited 12 businesses two of which won four PE Awards for transactions between $250M and $1B. 


I have been published/quoted in over 100 publications including, Fortune, Entrepreneur, The New York Observer, The DEAL, and Thrive Global. I am a BenBella Book Author Forbes Contributor and has been featured or quoted in publications like Fortune, Entrepreneur, The New York Observer, The DEAL and Thrive Global.  


From TEDx to crowds of thousands, I’ve had the honor of speaking on some of the most iconic stages in the world, the host of a Forbes Podcast and guest on over 100 podcasts I have had TV appearances and founded an early-stage startup investment syndicate, plus a startup school that powers universities, accelerators and government programs. 

I offer a suite of offerings in all stages of the startup lifecycle, Including:

For Founders

Board Advisory Coaching

One-on-one coaching to enhance a founder’s ability to manage investors, lead meetings, and drive desired outcomes. Gregory conducts post-meeting Board Advisory engagements, focusing on approach, perspectives, communication, and a founder’s overall targeted objectives.

Board Member Coaching

Gregory has held over 50 Board Advisory seats and 22 board seats ranging from high six-digit companies to pre-revenue. He aids founders in board preparation, setting expectations, leading board meetings, and offering experience-based suggestions to achieve better outcomes.

Fractional Advisory Consultation
One-on-one fractional consultations are available and highly vetted. Gregory uses his understanding of businesses from the roots up to inform strategic direction and tactical execution from the lens of a successful founder and investor with 20+ years and four private equity awards from transactions between $250M & $1B, over 12 founded exits, 14 investments, and more.


For Startup Assistance Programs

Private Accelerators & Incubators
Gregory helps private accelerators and incubators keep up, scale, earn grants, and become less dependent on them through a deep understanding of how, when, and why things do and don’t work in the startup lifecycle. Find a path to financial independence for non-profits, scalable solutions for private accelerators and incubators, and increased deal flow for both.


Corporate Accelerators & Incubators

Over the past two decades, corporates have been passed up, paid enormous valuations, and lost opportunities to competitors. Gregory provides you with an unbiased, behind-the-scenes view and understanding of how accelerators operate and the chance to be a part of them with less risk.

Government Programs
Startup Government Programs include economic development, innovation, entrepreneurship visas, startup programs, and grants. Gregory helps federal, state, and local governments understand the growth startup world and creates startup programs and operations to expand your horizons within startup ecosystems.


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