"Greg is truly visionary both in terms of forecasting what the market will require and of creating the solutions to meet those requirements. "

   -  Riccardo Basile, Principle, Permira

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  • We bring a hands-on boutique approach to investing not seen in the market today, with the aim to increase wealth distribution to entrepreneurs, give entrepreneurs the tools to succeed at improving the world, create a more flourishing startup ecosystem, and increase local capital marketplace activity. 

  • We believe charitable capitalism. The consolidation of wealth in the top 1% needs to be shaken-up and distributed among entrepreneurs 

  • What is Boss? Operating system designed to leverage proven methodologies from best-in-class entrepreneurs to grow and exit a business with a 2-5X valuation within 24-36 mo by leveraging best practices

  • BOSS is an agile business operating support system, bringing order to the chaos of scaling a business

The difference between a successful innovator and an unsuccessful one is the ability to embrace failure - not push against it. Successful entrepreneurs must be willing to risk it all, tirelessly put everything they have into the work they do and recognize that failure is an integral part of success, not an alternative.


But some mistakes can be avoided. And entrepreneurs can find and work with mentors that can help them overcome obstacles without the normal trial and failure.


I've dedicated my life to growing sustainable businesses and giving back to help other entrepreneurs succeed. I love connecting with innovators, thinkers and disruptors. Drop me a note and let's connect. 

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