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"I met Greg during the initial stages of due-diligence on a complex transaction that included a carve-out from a public company, and the acquisition of two companies founded by Greg. During the process, Greg walked me through the BOSS methodologies he had in place. In over 20 years as a private equity banker, and a member of multiple boards, I have seen both sides of process and the lack thereof. I must say, I was impressed."

Stephen Davis, Managing Partner - Banneker


"Greg is a force of nature.  He inspires with his enthusiasm and excitement for developing new and innovative products.  As a serial entrepreneur, he also possess the “owner mentality” and drives himself and his team to great heights where distraction and “BS” are not welcomed.  He spoke at our annual Tech conference and had the room engaged with his style and content – while he may have represented the smallest business at the event (amongst multi-billion dollar companies), he had the greatest impact based on attendee feedback, owning the conference “like a Boss.”  Not a coincidence that this book, and one of his management systems, is called BOSS."

Phil Guinand, Partner - Permira


"I’ve known Greg, personally and professionally, for nearly twenty years.  In that time, I’ve watched him build a number of companies—building visions into realities. As an Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, commander, and F-16 fighter pilot I understand and appreciate the value of trust, integrity, and alignment.  Leading men and women in a highly dynamic, pressure-filled combat environment taught me that you cannot survive and succeed without a clear objective.  Greg has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to set objectives and then deliberately work towards their accomplishment.  The BOSS methodology is much more than agile it’s a method for survival and success in an ever-changing business world."

Travis Keenan, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) - US Air Force


"I met Greg in the early stages of my run for congress. As a candidate, entrepreneur and public servant, I have been exposed to a wide range of strategies and after talking to Greg about BOSS, I enlisted him to provide training for my team. After a two-day training, we implemented the BOSS processes within our campaign organization. The results proved to be astounding, virtually every part of the campaign was transformed into a more efficient, connected team."

Ammar Campa, Congressional Candidate - US House of Representatives


"Greg’s exemplary leadership capabilities have been leveraged time and time again to build world class organizations. As a friend and advisor for many years, I’ve had the privilege to watch Greg perform at the highest levels and effect positive change despite volatile and often chaotic environments. There is no doubt that the combination of his metric driven approach to business, dedication to process and military precision, drive Greg to succeed where others would fail."

Bobby Wolfe, VP - Raymond James


"I met Greg when one of our portfolio companies acquired two businesses he had founded. We decided to acquire these 2 companies due to their tech solutions which we felt were highly innovative and responded well to market needs; both acquisitions delivered what we hoped. In addition our company management team was able to add a professional the calibre of Greg: he is truly visionary both in terms of forecasting what the market will require and of creating the solutions to meet those requirements. It has been a true pleasure having him on the Board."

Riccardo Basile, Principal - Permira


"The Honor Foundation is a Transition Institute for the worlds top 1% of the U.S. Military. THF offers Navy SEALs the best in executive education, coaching, and mentorship. This community of Special Operators naturally gravitate toward the world of entrepreneurship. We had Greg as guest faculty and he provided a breath of fresh air in the world of entrepreneurship, motivation, and knowledge that can be provided only by someone who has lived it. The Alumni of THF left excited and focused on their potential as entrepreneurs!"

Joe Musselman, CEO/Founder - The Honor Foundation


"Delerrok began with a product and a concept. Greg joined my team as an investor and consultant in the very early stages and quickly identified critical steps in our processes that took my startup from an early stage research and development company to an eight-digit valuation business.  Putting his agile operations principles into action we entered the market strong, built market share and using BOSS, scaled with surprising ease."

Bob Hamilton, Founder/CEO - Delerrok


"In my 20 years as an investor and banker I’ve worked with many entrepreneurs. While a great many have seen success through planning, preparation to scale a business and course correction is an area that I’ve witnessed them fall short. Greg was part of a group of investors in an early stage technologies company that had been stagnant. Once engaged as a consultant he applied his agile business process and the company entered the market and within thirty days started producing results, 15 months later the company has exceeded its targets and is approaching a mid-eight-digit exit. Unbelievable!"

Albert Collette, Angel Investor


"PayQuicker, was founded in 2007 as one of the first global payment solutions. Greg was brought on in the very early stages, quickly applying a range of business tactics to ascertain individual steps to access this extremely competitive landscape. It was not until later I discovered Greg applied the BOSS methodologies for the strategies and tactile execution used to achieve the results. My experience with Greg has been impressive. It’s rare an overall process logic can be used in a go-to-market strategy, and ten years later, even though direction has evolved, Greg’s business operations system survives."

Paul Beldham, CEO - PayQuicker


"The invaluable advice Greg gave to our audience at Columbia University reduces the unnecessary complexities of growing businesses and identifying excellent investment opportunities."

Ricardo Taveras, Venture Partner - 13 Ventures


"The audience was grateful to learn from experts such as yourself."

Gregory Costanzo, Strategic Partnerships - Columbia University


"Greg brought an impressive mixture between applied knowledge, humbleness, and humor to the Amazon EMRG Event."

Greg Kaye - EMRG


"My experience as a seasoned investor in various mergers and acquisitions has given me a lens to recognize those that understand the phases businesses experience. Working alongside Greg as a member of a board of directors and witnessing the consistent progress of his processes as a consultant brought to light crucial operational tactics that the company has since implemented. The outcome has been impressive, healthy scaling is an art, Greg’s agile business operations system deployed has increased the company value by five times in less than a year. Read his stuff. The guy has vision, perspective. This is not hype. It's usable!"

Tomas Olsson, Director - Prosperity Capital Management


"Greg's content hits home with every entrepreneur immediately and is of substantial strategic value to the board of any startup."

Neal Bloom, Board Member - Startup San Diego


"The entire audience was engaged and inspired."

Ruben Flores, Co-Founder - San Diego Innovation Council


"After over 1,000 interviews with tech leaders around the world, Greg is the real deal. I have yet to meet anyone who could not be inspired by Greg."

Neil Hughes, CEO - The Tech Blog Writer

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"Greg Immediately pulls listeners in with enthusiasm and keeps them listening by providing usable knowledge."

Darin Andersen, Founder - Seamless Podcast


"Greg Shepard’s track record has shown him to be a very knowledgeable and experienced entrepreneur, angel investor, and businessman. He is also an incredible motivator! Greg spoke to nearly 100 students in our In the Executive’s Chair class with a very positive response from, and engagement level with, the students."

Jim Hammerly, Dean, CSU San Marcos


"Greg Shepard’s BOSS system brings clarity of purpose, practical planning, rigorous execution and continuous improvement.  We’re I still in command of a ship, I would make it recommended reading for leaders at every level."

Scott Tait, Executive Director
UC San Diego National Security Innovation Catalyst