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User Stories power your Marketing and Sales efforts. They organize your messaging and align strategy, tactics, and results required for iterations.ser Stories require a clear understanding and definition of your Ideal Customer Profile. The best way to align your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is to create an ICP Statement.

If you’ve created an ICP Statement, congratulations. You’ve already laid the groundwork for success. And you have removed unnecessary and frankly irresponsible risk.

Concise User Stories, accompanied by thorough research, increase confidence and reduce risk for you and your investors, helps you identify the correct pool of user to judge product market fit, and reduces your time to revenue.

BOSS recommends you create at least two User Stories. But because this is such an important exercise, you should stay with it until you’ve exhausted the number of meaningful user stories you can create.

If you want to learn more about building your user stories, click the button to register, and use the code for access to our ICP course "Competitive Advantage & ICP User Stories".

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