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In the startup world, there is a fine line between success and failure.

I am providing free Pre-Accelerator scholarships to under-resourced, disenfranchised, and marginalized founders.

Northern Lights

Don't Wait. Accelerate!

Take the Survey Now and Get Accepted to an Accelerator!

Only 2% of applicants are accepted to most accelerator or corporate innovation programs.  Why so low?  Most applicants don’t know how to answer the questions!  Learn to answer the questions in a 2-week, structured “Pre-Accelerator”.

Structured and Personal

Online courses, several weekly group sessions, and a personal mentor to help you shape your plan and pitch. Startup Science is a full experience to prepare you to get accepted. You’ll have a sample application and we’ll connect you to accelerators that are a match.

Limited Spots Available!


  • 2 Weeks of Virtual Courses

  • Weekly Group Sessions

  • Personal Mentoring


  • Sample Application

  • Design the Answers with us

  • Direction to appropriate accelerators, incubators, and corporate programs

The Pre-Accelerator was built to increase your chances, we spent a year studying Accelerators, over 1200 interviews, over 200 applications and mountains of data to increase your odds.

Defend your Vision like a Pro
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